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Electroabsorption-Modulated Laser as Optical Transmitter and Receiver: Status and Opportunities (Review)
Towards Integrating True Random Number Generation in Coherent Optical Transceivers
Face-to-Face EML Transceiver Tandem for Full-Duplex Analogue Radio-over-Air
Analogue Coherent TDMA Receiver with Fast Locking to Free-Running Optical Emitters (Top-Scored Paper)
Synchronized Wavelength-Swept Signal Transmission and its Ability to Evade Optical Reflection Crosstalk
Simple Laser Transmitter Pair as Polarization-Independent Coherent Homodyne Detector
Photonic Add-Drop-Gate Node Element Based on EML Technology

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Analogue Radio-Over-Fiber Fronthaul with UDWDM-based Delay Dissemination for Photonic-Assisted RF Beam Steering
True Random Number Generation in an Optical I/Q Modulator
Locking Dynamics of an Analogue Coherent TDMA Receiver for Many-to-Any Network Architectures
Coherent Homodyne TDMA Receiver Based on TO-can EML for 10 Gb/s OOK with <40 ns Guard Interval
Coherently Sub-Grouped µDC-Pod and -Interconnect with Analogue EML Transceivers Operated in TDMA
Spectrally-Shaped Continuous-Variable QKD Operating at 500 MHz Over an Optical Pipe Lit by 11 DWDM Channels
Can we transfer analogue coherent optics of access networks to the realm of datacenters?
Full-Duplex, Polarisation-Independent Coherent Homodyne EML Transceiver
EML Transmitter as Coherent Monitor for Distributed Spectrum Snooping
Radio-over-Air with a Face-to-Face EML Transceiver Pair