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Coherent EML+TIA Detector for DSP-Free 1 Gb/s/λ Reception Over Extended Budget

JLT, vol. 40, no. 14, pp. 4635-4641, Jul. 2022


Nemanja Vokić, Dinka Milovančev, Fotini Karinou, and Bernhard Schrenk


The continuing drive towards broadband access necessitates cost-effective optical access and mobile fronthaul solutions. While the fixed-mobile convergence motivates high-speeds for the antenna remoting through broadband digitized radio-over-fiber, the access segment still uses time division multiplexed access equipment. Although the steadily increasing line rates call for 50 Gb/s solutions, the unshared per-user rate remains in the 1-Gb/s range. It is a question whether such data rate can be facilitated without high-speed components, at the same time supporting higher passive splits for the optical distribution networks. We experimentally demonstrate a simplified receiver based on an electro-absorption modulated laser, co-integrated on a die-level with a transimpedance amplifier. We investigate its sensitivity for the phase-agnostic coherent heterodyne downstream detection of data signals in a passive optical network scenario. We will show that despite the omission of a high-performance local oscillator, balanced detection and digital signal processing, the proposed receiver accomplishes reception of 1 Gb/s phase-modulated signals over a link reach of 57 km and an optical budget of 48 dB, thus enabling high passive splits of 1:128. We study the implications raised by this single-ended coherent receiver architecture under multi-channel transmission and investigate the susceptibility of its integrated local oscillator to optical feedback.

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