OptLett19 – Liquid

Synchronized Wavelength-Swept Signal Transmission and its Ability to Evade Optical Reflection Crosstalk

Opt. Lett., vol. 44, no. 11, pp. 2771-2774, Jun. 2019


B. Schrenk


Coherent homodyne detection requires a precise matching of emission wavelengths between transmitter and local oscillator at the receiver. Injection-locking can provide all-optical synchronization of the emission frequencies, even under wavelength-swept emission. By adapting the sweep parameters to the conditions in the optical fiber plant, transmission impairments can be mitigated. In this regard I experimentally demonstrate that a wavelength-hopping yet locked transceiver pair, which builds on conceptually simple externally modulated laser technology, features a much higher robustness to reflection crosstalk. The reception penalty due to distortions arising at a Fresnel reflection in the transmission path can be reduced by >90% at a low optical signal-to-reflection ratio of ~0 dB.

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