JLT24 – bidi40RRH

Full-Duplex mmWave Radio-over-Fiber Architecture with Simplified Photonic Frequency Translation

JLT, vol. xx, no. x, pp. xxxx-xxxx, Apr. 2024 (accepted for publication)


Bernhard Schrenk, and Fotini Karinou


Fiber-optics plays a critical role for the deployment of beyond-5G networks. Towards this direction, we will evaluate simplified remote radio head optics based on an electro-absorption modulated laser that is operated as a full-duplex mm-wave transceiver. We experimentally show, for the first time, that the coherent homodyne reception methodology of our transceiver can inherently provide a transparent optical frequency translation of the radio signal, and prove this function through photonic up-/down-conversion of a down-/uplink signal between the Ka-band and a low radio carrier frequency. We will experimentally confirm these points through full-duplex radio transmission at 34.3/29.3 GHz over an optical budget of 18.7 dB and a reach of 15 km. The proposed scheme is found to reduce the overall complexity of the mobile fronthaul link through a reduction in the required high-frequency mixers and synthesizers, while further enhancing the robustness of the mm-wave radio-over-fiber transmission to dispersion-induced fading.

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